3-minute Pitch: Retrieval Guided Contrastive Learning for Hateful Memes Detection

Sunset in Cambridge at Parkers Pieces

Deploy Outline on Synology NAS


Deploy LLM on any device

Running LLaMA and LLaMA based models on your workstation, or your laptop, or even on your Synology NAS

Deploy Opensource Multimodal Large Language Models

LLaVA, MiniGPT4,...


The morning after the snow in Cambridge

A night of snow in Cambridge

4F14 Revisions

Computer systems

4F8 Revisions

Image processing and coding

4F12 Revisions

Computer visions

C++ thread dynamic link issue

Cross entropy and KL divergence (relative entropy)


Gaussian Process with GPML toolbox

Statistical machine learning

Edge Detections implementation details

Computer visions

Argparser python usage

Threshold Moving - Finding optimal threshold for classification

ROC Curves and Precision-Recall Curves

Paddlepaddle installation issues and fixation

Json with python

Issue with python JSONDecodeError

Issue with transformer and Pytorch conflicts

Channel estimation with OFDM random symbol

Estimation, Synchronization, and Tips

OFDM with audio modem

OFDM Audio Modem project

Peterhouse Garden

Some pictures of the Peterhouse Garden in 2021 spring

3E3 Risk Management Tripos Revision

3F1 Signals ad Systems Tripos Revision

3F3 Statistical Signal Processing Tripos Revision

3F4 Data Transmission Tripos Revision

3F7 Information theory Tripos Revision

3F8 Inference Tripos Revision

3M1 Mathematical Methods Tripos Revision

3G4 Medical imaging Tripos Revision

3G5 Biomaterial Tripos Revision

Logistic Classification Comparing ML/MAP/Bayesian approches

With PCA and logistic regression

Tumor prediction by gene expression level

With PCA and logistic regression

Simplex Algorithm for Linear Constrained Optimisation problems

3M1 optimisation review

Training Perturbation in Pytorch

Problems require to be fixed

Travelling after Covid

In memorial of the trip to Morocco Easter 2019


3F3 Notes

Statistical Signal Processing

3F7 Notes

Information theory and coding