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「Hinc lucem et pocula sacra」

Sunset in Cambridge at Parkers Pieces

Parkers Pieces, Cambridge

Deploy Outline on Synology NAS

Docker images to use To deploy Outline, we need to use docker-compose to run and configure several docker images. The images we need to use are the main Outline image outlinewiki/outline:latest and...


Faiss-GPU library import To use Faiss-GPU, you need to import torch before faiss. Otherwise, you will get an error like this when you are trying to use faiss gpu_index = faiss.index_cpu_to_gpu(res,...

Deploy Opensource Multimodal Large Language Models

LLaVA, MiniGPT4,...

LLaVA Project Page Paper Demo Data Model running the server python -m llava.serve.model_worker –host –controller http://localhost:10000 –port 40000 –worker http://localhost:40000 –model-pa...

Deploy LLM on any device

Running LLaMA and LLaMA based models on your workstation, or your laptop, or even on your Synology NAS

Ubuntu Docker setup for Synology NAS Install Docker on Synology NAS as add-on package Tutorial here Open Package Center Search Docker Install Docker D...

The morning after the snow in Cambridge

Jesus Green, Cambridge St John’s College, Cambridge King’s College, Cambridge ————- Parker’s Piece, Cambridge

A night of snow in Cambridge

Parkers Pieces, Cambridge Trumpington Street, Cambridge Peterhouse, Cambridge

4F8 Revisions

Image processing and coding

Frequency responses for image processing Typical questions: What is the effect of windowing on the frequency response of a filter? Directly taking the inverse Fourier Transform for ideal freque...

4F14 Revisions

Computer systems

ISA Load-store instruction set architecture It is an example of GPR (General Purpose Register) architecture. The operands for the arithmetic and logic operation must be registers not memory addres...

4F12 Revisions

Computer visions

Question 1 Image structures Implementing Gaussian/Low-Pass Filters Fourier transform of the Gaussian is a low pass filter, with the frequency cut-off at $1/\sigma$ Why smoothing is necessary: ...