I am who I am

Hi, I am Howard (Jingbiao) Mei, currently a second year PhD student at Machine Inteligence Lab, University of Cambridge. My interests are Deep Learning and its various applications.

My current research is on multimodal hateful speech detection

In the past, I worked on various engineering projects.

  • I worked on fault tolerant Neural architecture design especially for ReRam devices.

  • In high school, I built a quadcopter from parts and investigated the inference between the induced magnetic field by the motors and the inertial sensors. I have also done an internship doing web programming.
  • In first year of university, we built a bridge model with aluminum, a model roller-coaster with Soliworks motion analysis, AM radio and python flood warning system.
  • In second year of university, we designed a autonomous robots recharging system.

My hobbies are photography and travelling. I am also an audiophile and keyboard enthusiasts.

My skills are:

  • Programming (familiar with Python, Visual Basic, C ++)
  • Deep Learning Framework (PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras)
  • HTML, CSS, Ruby, JS, Markdown, Latex
  • Microsoft Office
  • CAD Software (Solidworks)
  • Adobe Lightroom/Premiere/Photoshop/After Effects

Here is a copy of my CV to download.



  • 我在高中的时候用零件搭了一个四轴无人机,并且研究了电机产生的感应磁场对惯性传感器的影响。
  • 在大一的时候进行了以下的实验:铝合金桥梁的模型实验,使用Solidworks对过山车模型进行动态力学分析,制作了一个 AM 收音机, 使用Python编写了英国洪水预警系统
  • 大二的时候设计了自动机器人回收充电系统



  • 编程 Python, Visual Basic, C++
  • 深度学习框架 PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras
  • HTML,CSS,Ruby,JS,Markdown,Latex
  • Microsoft Office
  • CAD - Solidworks
  • Adobe Lightroom/Premiere/Photoshop/After Effects